Motion Graphics
Here at The Creative Eye we deliver powerful motion graphics and animation that will put your company’s visibility through the roof. Our motion graphics and animation services combine great design skills, corporate branding and visual imaging with the impact of television or web based broadcasting. Our team of motion graphics designers works to create powerful animations that convey your message clearly and effectively. We produce everything from Title Sequences, Credits, Advertising videos, corporate videos, Video Opener, Animation, logo, idents and stings, web videos, Training videos and business Presentation videos .
LOGO /ANIMATION: Every logo design is unique. We believe that every animation should be unique as well. We plan and create new methods of your company’s logo using matchless concepts, thoughts and effects, to craft the best visual face to it. Part of our main branding services Includes the tweaking and modernizing of your existing logo or transforming it into a stunning 3D logo. A 3D logo can also used in a logo animation, Ident or title sequence to promote your brand on screen or through other interactive media.

CORPORATE PRESENTATION: Corporate Presentations creates an everlasting impression on your target audience and it uplifts the image of the company. These presentations are very successful at grabbing people’s attention. The Creative Eye Interactive specializes in providing high-quality and professional interactive corporate and product presentations in Interactive Media, basically meant for Web and corporate presentations using Adobe Aftereffects, Premier pro, flash, and Avid Composer


VIDEO EDITING: Video recording facilities have added a remarkable advantage to all our lives. May it be in the field of entertainment, sports, education, wedding or just any other special occasion in our life, the utility of video recording cannot be denied. So when video recording has entered into our lives in such a wondrous way, video editing services have gained enormous importance in the market. we have professionals who are experts in video-editing. We would only require your footage, be it for film, an ad or television along with your ideas. Our professional video editors will then get down to business and re-arrange or modify sections of the footage to form another video. While at editing, our editors will remove unwanted shots/ scenes/ sections of the video and follow a sequential order of time to form the new edited video.

We use the process of non-linear editing. Our video editors are skilled, and well versed with software tools such as, Adobe Premiere Pro,Avid Composer, and other such editing software to edit the footage. In the next stage, clips are arranged on a timeline and music, titles, voice-overs and effects are added. Once this is done, we will send you the edited video in any format that you may require, be it CD-ROM, DVD, Web Streaming, SD, HD or any other format.

      Motion Graphics Includes the following services:

  • Logo /animation

  • Corporate presentation

  • Title sequence

  • Video editing